Would You Spend $1500 On A Marc Jacobs Beaver Fur Backpack?

Susie G

As I was checking my emails this rainy Wednesday morning at the StyleCaster office here in New York city, a little ray of sunshine popped into my inbox.

My eyes brightened up when I saw an email from Marc Jacobs (I mean, c’monwho doesn’t love Marc Jacobs?), with a subject line that said, “Brian & the Beaver Backpack.”

Intrigued, I proceeded to open said email, only to be redirected to a short film.

An ascending stack of hat boxes with random bits of fabric sticking out appeared on screen as a man (who probably goes by the name of Brian) started to climb on top of the stacks, reaching for a yellow-colored backpack.

Yellow-colored beaver backpack? Sounds awesome! Or at least so I thought until I saw the price tag attached to these babies. At $1500 a pop, these 100% beaver fur backpacks might seem like an eccentric purchase for any sane shopper.

The bags come in four different colors: yellow, red, blue and “natural.”

The description on the Marc Jacobs site is also quite priceless”For the person that has everything, a beaver fur backpack is a sure addition to any collector’s closet.”

In other words, if you happen to be friends with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj or maybe even MJ muse Sofia Coppola, you totally need to get them thisthat’s if you can afford it.

If you had $1500 to spare, would you go for these Marc Jacobs beaver backpacks or use those hard earned shekels elsewhere?