Wes Anderson Releases Trailer For ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (VIDEO)

Susie G

It’s been a pretty epic last 48 hours for movie trailer releases; first with the trailer for the LCD Soundsystem documentary that will debuting at Sundance, and now, indie film director extraordinaire Wes Anderson has released the trailer to his highly anticipated film, Moonrise Kingdom.

The film, which takes place in 1965, is about a boy named Sam who is in a Boy Scouts-esque summer camp troop, who then falls in love with a girl named Suzy. The two 12-year-olds runaway together, and has a small New England town turned upside down as the locals set out to search for both of them.

Featuring a cast of Wes-Anderson-flick newbies and legends which include Bruce Willis (whose daughter Scout was in a recent scandalous photo shoot), Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, and of course, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman.

Just from the looks of the trailer which you can watch down below, this new film will probably include just about every known Wes Anderson film clichand honestly, we’re totes excited for all of them.

<a href="Bold colors, obscure 60s music, rule-of-thirds framingwe’re ready for all of it!

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