Watch: Sh*t That Fashion Girl Says About London Fashion Week

Susie G

Just when you thought that other “Shit Fashion Girls Say” character was going to fade out after New York Fashion Week, looks like the “gal” (who goes by the name of P’Trique C’est Chic) also has some thoughts on London Fashion Week she’d like to share.

Sadly, this isn’t a “Shit Fashion Girls Say During London Fashion Week” video, but rather a fun recap clip with P’Trique giving us her “totes uh-maze” commentary.

“I love the floral dresses. It’s like a goth sleepover with one popular girl.”

“Wait, one questionif I wear my panties on the outside, do I have to change my leggings everyday?”

“Somebody plan my funeral because I. Just. Died.”

“It’s like purple-leopard-stripe-floral-downtown-chicness. Say that ten times fast.”

Hear all these great one-liners and more by checking out the super fierce chic-y chic video down below: