WANTED: Stylistas for Sebastian Professional Shoot in NYLON

Susie G

Do you consider yourself a beauty junkie and a fashion addict?

Are you a fearless style maverick waiting for your big break?

Want to be the envy of all your friends on Facebook and Twitter (and offline too)?!

Sebastian Professional and StyleCaster have teamed up to look for six “Reinventors” to shine the spotlight on for an upcoming, absolutely original fashion spread that will be featured on the homepage of StyleCaster and in the pages of NYLON Magazine.

HOW TO WIN: From now till September 15th, StyleCaster will feature a different Sebastian Professional hair look each week that mixes and layers the haircare brand’s innovative styling products.

Every week, we will be asking for all you stylistas out there to show us your best interpretation of the featured Sebastian Professional look by uploading a photo of yourself and your ‘do in the “What’s Next” feature area. From these uploaded photos, StyleCaster will then choose a lucky stylista each week to be featured in a glossy editorial with fellow “Reinventors” from the fields of music, fashion and photography.

THE 411: We will be looking for trendsetters and tastemakers across the country that truly know how be edgy, daring and have that certain “Je ne sais quoi” that would even make Lady Gaga do a double take!

Our Editors want to see your creative carbon copies of each week’s featured look, or feel free to think outside-of-the-box by showing us your own vivacious version of the week’s go-to ‘do.

Each featured hairstyle has been crafted by Sebastian Professional’s Style Design Team, which is comprised of some of the world’s top hair stylists like Thomas Dunkin and former Shear Genius contestant Janine Jarman.

THIS WEEK’S LOOK: Sidewindera voluptuous side braid that screams rock star attitude. Want to re-create/imitate this show-stopping hair style? Just take a look at the step-by-step directions below on how to get the exact look or use them as a guideline for your own unique interpretation!

1. Wash and condition hair with Sebastian Professional Volupt. Mix a dab of Craft Clay with Potion 9, apply to damp hair and blow-dry.
2. Spray Shaper Plus on entire head.
3. Using a medium-sized curling iron, curl big sections of the hair all the way around.
4. Emulsify more Craft Clay in hands and work into hair while putting hair up into a high ponytail.
5. Fasten ponytail and spray with Shaper.
6. Split ponytail and distribute hair down the front and the bottom half of the head fasteningwith bobby pins along the way and expand the shape using your fingers to create a mohawk shape.
7. Finish the back by loosely braiding the tail.


I am pretty sure that Helen of Troy rocked a similar look like this back in the Roman Empire days. No wonder she was the woman that launched a thousand ships, that hair is dangerous…dangerously fierce!

So get ready to break out the hair products, styling tools and one hot helping of attitude because we’re going to keep a close eye on all you Reinventors-in-the-making. Just don’t forget to upload your photos on the “What’s Next” page or else you might miss your moment in the limelight!

To read more about our relationship with Sebastian Professional, visit cmp.ly/3.

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