VICE Photo Issue Goes Scratch ‘N Sniff

Susie G

VICE‘s massive 10th annual photo issue was released last Tuesday and features photography from a slew of well-established artists such as Mick Rock, Peter Sutherland, Jim Mangan and a whole bunch more.

The “pice de rsistance” of this year’s issue is the scratch and sniff cover that uses a picture from Jim Mangan’s photo-editorial, featuring naked bodies that are covered in paint, running around in the mountains. The cover photo features the backs of 6 painted, naked bodies climbing a rocky hill. If you scratch 5 of the bodies, you’ll be able to smell the scents of cherry, banana, coffee, marijuana and “ocean mist.”

I mean, who does a scratch and sniff cover these days?! No one! Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if children’s magazine Highlights may have attempted such a publishing feat in the past.

Great to see the usual VICE photogs like Terry Richardson and Jerry Hsu in there, but should I really have expected anything less from Richard Kern besides a whole bunch of shirtless women? No, I shouldn’t have. Then again, I should keep in mind that VICE does publish for more a male readership demographic.

VICE-associated photography is all capturing images that make some bold and brash social and cultural commentary. The magazine is like National Geographic for the urban, modern global youth generation of today. And honestly, that’s seriously amazing in my book.

The VICE photo issue is available now. Be sure to hit up your local independent retailers or your nearest American Apparel to grab a copy.

If all else fails, then check out The VICE Photo Show, starting July 21st and running till July 26th at 298 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY. The show will be an extension of this month’s issue and will have on display works of 21 photographers that contributed to the magazine.

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