Vanbot: She’s Swedish, Blonde And Sounds A Lot Like Robyn

Susie G

Damn Sweden, why you got to create such awesome pop music all the time?!?!

Introducing Vanbota female solo act from Stockholm that boasts synthesizer-friendly pop jams that pack a high-energy punch. After taking just one listen to any of her tracks, it’s easy to make comparisons with the repertoire from the current queen of Swedish pop music, that of course being Robyn.

Despite being both blonde, Swedish and having the tendency to sing in falsetto, we’re excited to see more of what Vanbot has to offer, both on the music and fashion fronts.

Just a head’s up for VanbotRobyn’s already got you beat for being BFFs with L.A. designer Jeremy Scott. We suggest you might want to give London’s Ashish Gupta a shout.

Check out her newest video for the single “Numb” off her self-titled debut album (which you can buy right now through Amazon) down below, and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath!

[via The Swede Beat]

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