Terry Richardson, Olsen Twins Get Embedded With QR Codes

Susie G

From the same artist who designed Twitter’s “Fail Whale” (the whale that pops up on your computer screen when Twitter is down), creative Yiying Lu was commissioned by US magazine Meets Obsession to design illustrations for their latest feature titled “10 Most Intriguing in Fashion.”

For this feature, Lu didn’t create just any run-of-the-mill portrait illustrationsinstead, she came up with 10 black and white sketch portrait designs that each feature a special QR code. Now, that’s a way to take 2-D tangible art and bring it into the digital landscape!

Fashion’s most newsworthy folks who made it on to the list include Terry Richardson, Anna Wintour, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (together in one portrait), Nicola Formichetti, Andre Pejic, Anna Della Russo, Chlo Sevigny, Rick “Rico” Genest (Zombie Boy), Sarah Burton and Dov Charney.

Each industry influential’s own portrait includes a QR code that when scanned with a mobile device will reveal the name of the person in the illustration, along with the name of the artist and a link to the project’s website. In addition, there will also be a link to the Meets Obsession page where you can download each illustration for free on your iPhone or iPad.

[via The Creators Project, A Celebration of Creativity]

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