Tel Aviv: A Middle Eastern Travel Diary in Photos

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Tel Aviv: A Middle Eastern Travel Diary in Photos
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Dear InstagramYou have officially become my favorite iPhone app. The ease of instantly sharing photos with friends through Twitter and Facebook, applying all the different, cool filters to my photos, making my friends extremely jealous that they aren’t on holiday as wellyou truly know how to make a travellette like myself be amazed in wonder!

Just coming off from a week and a half vacation to the Holy Land with an iPhone in hand, I managed to capture all the best little moments while I was jaunting around the very stylish and modern city of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is a fabulous urban haven that’s conveniently right on the beach. The food here is also amazing as I managed to not have one bad meal the whole time I was there! Shopping districts are filled with boutiques of so many talented local designers it makes you wonder how come there isn’t a Tel Aviv Fashion Week?!

Click through the photos in the slideshow above to check out my Middle Eastern summer adventure!

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Welcome to New Yor...err, Tel Aviv!

Maybe because I got to the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv a bit delirious after being awake for over 36 hours, but I thought the design of this was really delightful

The sign at the Ashkelon train stop. Next stop, the beach!

Ashkelon welcoming committee

Beach view at seaside town Ashkelon. And yes, the weather was that gorgeous

After watching those Karl Lagerfeld commercials, I had to try one of these bad boys. And guess what - this ice cream is amazing! And the chocolate is gold!

I developed a bit of a sweet-tooth over in Israel. The Elite chocolate is truly out of this world!

There needs to be more "Make-Your-Own-Blended-Fro-Yo" shops in the world

Lunch in Ashkelon: Baked chicken nuggets with chips, side salad and bread

Seeing American-centric packaging abroad makes me giggle a little

If a modern art gallery made love with an IKEA, their baby would be the Art+ Hotel in Tel Aviv

Lusting for Korean Fried Chicken in Tel Aviv.....sigh...

Yummy food porn courtesy of Art+ Hotel's breakfast buffet

I found tee shirt gold at Carmel Market

Shenkin Street is a major shopping street in Tel Aviv, home to many local and internationally known retailers

Yacht rock porn: Tel Aviv Marina

I recommend that you at least spend one afternoon at one of Tel Aviv's many cafes-on-the-beach and order yourself watermelon with bulgarian brine cheese (aka feta cheese). It's sweet, salty and super delish

The rooftop lounge at Art+ Hotel became my satellite office. If only my office in New York was anything like this...

Sunset view from the very swanky and modern Tel Aviv Port

A furry dinner-crasher

Tel Aviv is the home to some amazing modern art, like this punk statue from Mika Gallery

Head over to Jerusalem for a day to visit the Old City. There are some amazing views there like this one of the Western Wall

Tower of David in Jerusalem

Side street in the Christian Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem

Adding this Nortiamy bracelet on my Hannukah wish list

Ruby Star by Tel Aviv-based designer Shirley Itzik's aesthetic is all about the Neo-Goth trend. Yes, even in Israel there are goths!

This bat skeleton spotted at the Ruby Star boutique in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Jaffa is kind of cute, kind of creepy

Itai Mintz, the designer behind jewelry line Dario's, gets nutty with knots for a few of his pieces at his studio in Bnei Brak, Tel Aviv

One last view of the airport in Tel Aviv before heading to my next destination - London!

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