Stylist Janine Jarman’s Tips For Travel-Perfect Holiday Hair

Susie G

With the holiday season in full swing, days of hanging out with the fam, enjoying large belt-busting meals and doing some oh-so-hectic travelling are here!

When traveling, it’s so easy to just be lazy and hide your hair in a ponytail bun or sport a hat to cover up your coif (I know I for one am totally guilty of this).

Fortunately, Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team Member Janine Jarman has a few tips for you jet-setting mavens out there that are going to be traveling during the holidays.

Check out all of her tricks of the trade down below, and get ready to say “goodbye” to that baseball cap and/or beanie for good!

Packing: What to bring and what to avoid
“Try and find tools and products that are small and easy to pack. I love the Glam P.D.G. (A.R.T.) collapsing blow-dryer. It’s only 11 oz. and has a folding handle for compact packing. (And it’s ionic so it will dry your hair faster!) Pre-plan hairstyles that don’t involve a ton of tools and different products, and pack a multi-use styler to pull double-duty. I like Sebastian Professional Potion 9 because it provides conditioned shine with a soft finish.”

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Traveling: How to stop your hair from going fab to frump
“I always recommend wearing a loose, low ponytail or braid with a head scarf on the plane. That helps keep it comfy and clean, and then once you land you can undo it and shake it out for a nice tousled look.”

Hot Hot Heat: How to avoid the frizz when heading to a warm climate destination
“Make sure your hair is completely dry before you start your day (I mean bone-dry!). Finish whatever look you style with Sebastian Professional Re-Shaper for anti-humidity protection that prevents frizz. I keep the Re-Shaper mini (1.5oz) in my carry-on to do a quick fluff and fix as soon as I land. It’s tiny enough that it won’t be held captive through the security check!”

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