Sofia Coppola’s Niece Directs Film for Opening Ceremony

Susie G

Looks like there’s another Coppola who has inherited the directing gene. Joining her relatives Francis, Sofia and Roman, Gia is the next Coppola to sport her film-making chops.

Teaming up with classic Hawaiian-shirt label Reyn Spooner to highlight their vintage Americana meets surfer chic capsule collection for niche retail monster Opening Ceremony, Gia has created a short film, titled 22, that highlights some of the best things about summer: young love, loitering around with friends, drinking rum straight from the bottle, blowing up watermelons and pretending to be a bike-accident zombie.

Props also go to Gia for choosing an excellent song for the soundtrack of the short film, recorded by indie, blog-buzzing rockers Best Coast. On a side note, if your band’s name has the word “Coast” or “Beach” in it these days, there’s a good chance that you’re either a) a surf rock band, b) a chillwave band or c) somewhere in that musical ballpark.

The Reyn Spooner for Opening Ceremony collection is now available online, exclusively through the ultra-hip, international retalier. Sport one of those Cut & Sew Jean Dresses on the streets this summer and you’ll sure be attracting a lot of heat!

22 Featuring Reyn Spooner from Opening Ceremony on Vimeo.