See Kate Moss’ Mug On Another T-Shirt, If You Can Find It

Susie G

I sometimes wonder how many times Kate Moss‘ face has been slapped on an “It” T-Shirt of the moment? I don’ know the exact number, but I’m sure it’s A LOT.

Joining the queue of model-clad tees is this latest item from skatewear brand Supreme‘s Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The T-shirt features a photo of Kate Moss wearing the iconic Supreme tee and a leopard coat, while holding a cigarette in one hand (seems so classically Kate, doesn’t it?).

The image is a part of the brand’s poster campaign, so fingers crossed we will get to see a few of these plastered on walls and buildings around New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood in the coming weeks.

A few other websites have also mentioned that this T-shirt will no doubtedly be a highly sought after item, meaning that it’s going to be a bit tougher to get your hands one of these cotton-y chunks of bad-assness than say one of those other T-shirts graced by the latest face for Spanish retailer MANGO.

If stalking your local Supreme store employees doesn’t work, then I guess there is always eBay.

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