Sebastian Professional’s Braider-ade: Get Twisted With Style

Susie G

If you ever thought that braids couldn’t be considered high fashion, then you def need to check out Braider-ade from Sebastian Professional‘s “Infinite Possibilities” lookbookstat!

Created by Sebastian Professional Design Team Lead Stylist Omar Antonio, this all-over braided hairstyle will give your hair some serious personality and a whole lot of ‘tude.

Braids are usually seen as sweet and youthful,” says Omar. “This look speaks to the girl with a fierce attitude and fire in her eyes. Don’t be afraid to take a classic look and give it a little bit of your own flair!”

Check out the step-by-step instructions down below to get your hair twisted and infused with a whole lot of “Je ne sais quoi”.


1. Prep hair using Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Single Tone shampoo and conditioner.
2. Mix together Potion 9 and Texturizer in hands and run through hair, then blow-dry.
3. Divide hair into three sections with a severe side part.
4. French braid hair using Microweb Fiber and Liquid Gloss to detail and support the braids.
5. Starting from the bottom, pucker out the braid and rough up the texture.
6. Finish with a flurry of Shaper to accentuate the texture.

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