Scene Shapers: Lacee Swan is the Hipster Martha Stewart

Susie G

Lacee Swan makes her own line of model and “It” girl DJs tee shirts, she has a blog with cute watercolor illustrations based on high fashion editorials and can make some amazing organic home-cooked meals and cocktails.

If these don’t sound like the makings of a hipster Martha Stewart to you, then someone needs to prove me wrong!

A small town girl from North Dakota who moved to the Big Apple to enter the illustrious fashion industry, Lacee now resides in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (giving her extra hipster cred) as a freelance fashion illustrator, blogger and a downtown darling on the city’s party and fashion scenes.

Her first line of model series tee shirts, which featured the faces of Karlie Kloss, Daisy Lowe, Alexa Chung and others, got much buzz from media outlets like NYLON, Elle Germany and Refinery29. With Lacee’s next line of tee shirts, which will feature the faces of “It” girl DJs like Harley Viera Newton, Leigh Lezark and Sky Ferreira, I predict that they are bound to attract the same amount of attention (I for one already have a Harley tee reserved!).

You can see many of Lacee’s illustrations on her blog, along with tasty cocktail recipes, eco-friendly DIY project ideas, photos of her in cute outfits at various NYC boutiques and other fashion musings and sources of inspiration she manages to discover.

Oh, and not only is she a regular on the downtown scene, she’s also known to DJ at a few clubs and parties too like at OAK’s Blackout Bar, Greenhouse and the awesome private rooftop parties she throws in Brooklyn (I’ve been to a few and they are always a good timealways).

For a gal who likes to throw parties (sometimes of the dinner variety too), can work her magic on the 1’s and 2’s, is also a fashion illustrator, plus has her own line of apparel and is a blogger too, this jack-of-all-trades really is the hipster version of lifestyle media mogul Martha Stewart.

All she needs now is her own TV show and a few book deals, and then it looks like Ms. Stewart might have some real competition on her hands…