Scene Shapers: Katy B Is a Singer With Swag

Susie G

Watch out Katy Perry-there’s a new Katy on the pop scene!

Well, more like the funk and dubstep scenes-either way, we know this 22-year old from South London is going to be huge like whoa. With her catchy, upbeat sounds that just make us want to jump right out of our chairs and bust some swag out on the floor, we’re loving her soulful singing and her street style savvy.

Katy B just recently sat down with the folks at Noisey while in Portsmouth, UK during her recent tour. She talked about her first experience in show business when she was a wee lass, stories of interacting with her fans, along with some hilarious tour gossip. Noisey also captured footage of her energetic live performances of her hits like “Katy On A Mission, ” “Lights On” (my personal favorite) and “Easy Please Me.”

In the videos, Miss B comes off as a sweet, down-to-earth girl who grew up on jazz and R&B, and always had an appreciation for the perfoming arts thanks to Beyonc and Destiny’s Child. We’re also stunned on how such a relatively petite figure can have such a massive stage presence.

Maybe it has to do with the awesomeness of that black and gold varsity jacket she rocks on stage?

Do yourself a favor and check out these videos on Noisey. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Photo from Noisey

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