Scene Shapers: Gender Bending Blogger Jared Allred

Susie G
Scene Shapers: Gender Bending Blogger Jared Allred
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Platform wedged heels, maxi skirts, a collection of vintage Versace goodiesall the things that you’d naturally expect a small-town boy from Texas to own.

At least that’s the case for Jared Allred, the androgynous fashion blogger behind Crimes of Fashion, stylist, model and bicoastal scenester. He’s one of few male fashion bloggers out there that can put together some serious high-fashion looks that are both male and female friendly.

Born in Texas and breed on the streets of Los Angeles, Jared moved to New York City late last year to get his foot in the fashion door. Now based in the Big Apple (though he is currently finishing a summer sabbatical between LA and Texas), he still continues to blog and document the city’s fascinating club culture thanks to his avid party hopping skills.

With androgynous models like Andrej Pejic or Lea T. making appearances in current headlines and fashion editorials, I predict that the latest batch of androgynous models and “It” kids to pop up on the fashion scene will come straight from the blogosphere, like Jared for example. Jared’s eccentric, gender-bending style combines a street style attitude with a high fashion touch that’s both accessible and aspirational.

Plus, he’s a sweet kid with a big heart, and rarely plays the “I’m important on the internet” card unlike some other bloggers. His natural inquisitiveness about everything and everyone is quite refreshing too.

Jared Allred is indeed a “Southern Gentleman” in all sense of the termjust with a ber-stylish, feminine twist.

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