Scene Shapers: Downtown Darling and Stylist Nicole Youngblut

Susie G

New York’s Nicole Youngblut is a cool kid triple threatshe’s a promoter, a stylist and a jewelry designer. Plus, she is also pretty freakin’ adorable.

A Downtown darling in every sense of the phrase, Nicole is one of those faces that you may see on any given night at one of the city’s trendiest clubs. Whether it’s hosting a private table on Monday nights at the PH-D rooftop located at the brand new Dream Downtown Hotel, or partying with New York’s trendy nightcrawlers on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Avenue, she is always on the nightlife scene, adding a touch of fun and rock ‘n roll wherever she goes.

In addition to her night time extracurriculars, she puts her fashion savvy to good use as a freelance stylist. Nicole has styled shoots and presentations for Urban Outfitters, Prada and a handful of independent magazines.

More recently, she has been working as a fashion insider for a brand new style website called, which helps style-lacking ladies and gents put together amazing outfits (even those that are on a budget) through personalized recommendations.

Since her impressive fashion sensibilities come so naturally, Nicole has recently expanded her talents into the world of jewelry design. With a few pieces that have been sold at select pop up shops around the city, Nicole is currently working on a new line that is based on the seven deadly sins which sounds devilish charming.

She is also in the process of launching an independent e-commerce site in the near future called, that will feature clothing and jewelry from Nicole as well as other underground designers. Nicole has already hinted to me that the site will feature items that have a very American influence”almost white trash with a twist.”

Stylish white trash looks from a trendy New Yorker?! I’m confused and intrigued at the same time!

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