Scene Shapers: Alexander McQueen’s New McQ Model, Keane P.S.

Susie G

Almost exactly a year ago, I met a young British lad while on a weekend trip to visit my dear friends in the city of Boston. This young Brit had been living in Boston on a temporary visa for two months, working at a local American Apparel store and taking what some might call a “working holiday.”

Over that same weekend, we instantly became good buds and kept in touch after he moved back to the other side of the Atlantic, just a week or two later. Through our Facebook messaging correspondance, I remember telling him that he should really think about going into the world of modeling and put that interesting looking punim to good use! I was so insistent of him going into modeling that I would even send him links to various agencies in London that held open casting calls for male models.

Being the face for McQ’s Autumn/Winter 2011 lookbook is Keane’s first time modeling for a big campaign, but it’s not the first time he has posed in front of the camera. Working with the McQ lookbook’s photographer David Sims, Keane has been previously shot for editorials in Arena Homme Plus and France’s self service magazine, even before I met him in Boston.

When asked if he would like to work again with the team behind the Alexander McQueen house, he replied, “Yeah, it’d be a dream to work with the likes of McQ again. Like I say, I don’t classify myself as a model so anything that big I cherish.”

At the moment, Keane is not signed to an agency. He is currently focused on finishing his studies at the Universirty of Hertfordshire in England, and also trying to pursue a career in the music industry with his band, Madame X (funny enough, Keane actually has written a song about Boston, and it ain’t too bad!)

With so many talents this fresh face has to offer, I’m sure that the world hasn’t seen the last of Keane P.S., as we definitely can expect more things to come from this “It” boy in the making.