‘Sail Away’ With The Rapture’s Latest Music Video!

Susie G

Warning: “Sail Away,” the second single from Brooklyn-based indie rockers The Rapture, off of the album In the Grace of Your Love, is pretty dancetastic.

If you have a high tolerance of catchy riffs, soarings vocals and a steady drum beat, please view their brand new music video with the full intention to dance your pantalons off.

While adult supervision is not advised, we do suggest to not dwell too much on the minor storyline of the clip as this may result into confusion and time wasted pondering over the thought that this music video might be a way of the band telling us that they’re looking to venture into producing short sci-fi films.

In case of a non-emergency, please contact your local DJ to see if he/she will spin this at the next neighborhood hoe down…and don’t forget to send us an invite while your at it.