Rock Janine Jarman’s Tought-But-Sweet Valentine’s Day ‘Do

Susie G

If you wan’t to go a little non-tradish this Valentine’s Day with your hair, why not take a cue from Sebastian Professional Stylist Janine Jarman and rock out in this street-inspired hairdo pictured above?

A little sweet, a little tough, this half-up, half-down pompadour-esque hairstyle is perfect to rock on V-Day to let your vixeny self shine through.

Be sure to check out Janine’s step-by-step instructions down below!

1. Take bang section of hair from eyebrow to eyebrow and clip it out of the way.

2. Spray Sebastian Professional Shine Define ($16.95) to the roots at the back of the bang section, behind the ears and along the nape of the neck.

3. Use a soft brush to comb the hair into a ponytail (leaving the bang section out) and secure with an elastic at the occipital bone.

4. For exaggerated length, wrap an extension weft around the ponytail base.

5. Take the bang section out and spray Sebastian Professional Shine Define to the root. Backcomb it and smooth it back with a soft brush making sure to maintain a very exaggerated bump. Secure it with a pin.

6. Make sure the larger pony is slick as can be by spraying more Sebastian Professional Shine Define.

7. Flat iron the ponytail using Sebastian Professional Trilliant ($19.95) and finish look with Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce ($16.95).