Rihanna Wigs Out In Latest Video For ‘You Da One’: Buzz Cut

Susie G

Rihanna just dropped her latest music video for the single “You Da One.” It’s a great R&B jam that is an open love letter for that special someone (awwww).

Shot in London, we’re totally vibing on the black-and-white color scheme going on, as well as some of the fierce looks she is sporting in the video. Oh, and not to mention those “bangin'” blonde wigs too (get it?)!

Especially out that Clockwork Orange inspired outfitlooks like she’s rocking leggings from one of our favorite London labels, BOY London! Good call, RiRigood call.

We’re also going to give her two snaps up in R formation to her vixeny stiletto nails (like seriously, there are a few folks here at the office that want to get their nails did just like that, right now!).

Check out Rihanna’s latest video (and probably her next number one hit) down below, and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath!

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