Real Estate’s Dogs Win Us Over: No Question, Game Over


Back in 2009, Real Estate‘s self-titled debut album embodied our post-college yearning for life without responsibilities, wrapped it up as a lo-fi jam and delivered it to an eager audience of 20-year-olds.

The New Jersey band displayed an ability to make a career out of being cool, and the current music scene ate up that lifestyle appeal with ease.

The hype fueled some touring and sent mp3s whizzing around the Internet, but come Fall 2011, it was time for Real Estate to prove that 2009’s jammy coolness wasn’t a fluke.

Their sophomore album Days, which came out via Domino Records, set out to do exactly just that. “It’s Real” stood out as the most catchy, sing-along conducive of the bunch. And, as if the track wasn’t popular enough, a charming video of dogs was released last week to accompany it.

“Who loves dogs?,” Real Estate asks. “Everyone!” says, well, everyone!

The animal-loving audience us Internet-dwellers have been bred to be stood no chance against a trio of dogs in bow ties or achiuaua on its hind legs. Perhaps us keener viewers will see the potential satire Real Estate portrays when bassist Alex Bleeker ends up in bed with his furry friend, or even when the band erupts in crazed happiness (apparently induced by canine overload).

Even if it’s satire, we don’t carethose dogs are awesome!