Q & A: Sebastian Professional Contest Winner Alyssa Kringen

Susie G

Meet Sebastian Professional and StyleCaster‘s “Infinite Possibilities” Challenge Winner Alyssa Kringen from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is one of the six lucky gals that uploaded a photo of themselves, flaunting a fearless hairstyle during our photo-upload contest this past summer, and won the chance to be featured in a super “maje” cover story to be featured right here on StyleCaster, as well as in the pages of the February issue of NYLON magazine.

Recreating the “Shaken Up” style cocktail, crafted by Sebastian Professional Stylist Christina McCarver, Alyssa uploaded a photo of herself onto our site (which you can check out above), rocking a ferocious, full head of hair.

To find out more about this fashion-forward hair vixen from the Midwest, check out our exclusive interview with this future femme fatale down below!

What is your favorite Sebastian Professional product and why?

My favorite Sebastian Professional product is the Matte Putty because it gives my hair definition, piece by piece.

What are your favorite hair trends at the moment?

I really love the “wild and bold” trend with a little bit of wave. The sky is the limit for creating your very own signature look. I’ve got big, sassy red hair, so letting my hair do its own thing makes styling a lot easier.

What kind of music are you currently listening to?

Weaver at the Loom‘s newest album, Before Now, Was Then.

Tell us about the last good party you went to.

Zombie Pub Crawl, Downtown Minneapolisdanced on stage during 2 Live Crew’s performance with my best friend.

Which celebrity hairstyles are you digging at the moment?

I absolutely loved Reese Witherspoon‘s hair, especially in the movie, Water For Elephants.

What are your go-to sources for fashion and beauty inspiration?

I am addicted to Pinterest.com and StyleCaster.

If you could hop on an airplane this very second, where would you go and why?

Sydney, Australiait is such a beautiful, free-spirited world over there. I love it!

How would you describe your own personal style, from head to toe?

I really enjoy creating my own flare. I love defective clothes at a storethey add character. I take them home, try to turn their flaws into inspirational pieces. That is really what my style is all about: getting creative.

Who is the best dressed cartoon character of all time and why?

Wilma Flintstoneeven after 160 episodes in the same outfit, she still looks classy with her white dress and pearls.

Describe your ultimate party outfit.

Comfortable, but [with] cute heels (nothing is worse than wanting to part with them halfway through the night), a cocktail dress with a blazer, accented with a clutch, and I’m set.

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