Prada Headphones: Yes, They Really Do Exist

Susie G

Looking for that last minute perfect gift for your favorite fashionista who is also a die-hard music lover?

Why not check out these stealthy looking pair of headphones from Italian luxury house Prada?

Getting into the technology game, Prada’s latest goody for the fashionable music fan features closed earphones giving them a slick, old-school look. The “PRADA” insignia is imprinted on each earphone, letting passerbys know that, to quote the poet formerly known as Puff Daddy, you’re “all about the Benjamins, baby.”

Available online and in select Prada stores, the headphones (which come in either black or white colorways) also include a branded drawstring pouch, which you could always use to double as a little makeup bag or a coin purse.

With a price tag of $595 USD, you might have to forfeit some of your rent money this month if you want to be that cool kid on your morning commute with the designer ‘phones.

But hey, the holiday season is already here, so maybe if you’re extra good the next few days, Santa might leave you a pair of these Italian treasures under the tree on Christmas.

Or, you could just sell off all of your unwanted gifts this year on eBay to go towards your Prada purchasebut hey, that’s totally your call.

[via Highsnobiety via Interview]

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