Pixels & Polaroids: The 6 Radest Photos You Will See Today

Susie G

If there’s one word to describe artist Jherin Miller‘s set of images titled Pixels and Polaroids, it would be “Radness.”

Combining “pseudo-Polaroid photography and retro 80s era video game graphics,” this Californian High School student (yes, really) has created some really cool and fun images that seem to tell a story of an all-boy skater gang from the West Coast (why no girls, Jherin?!).

“The concept behind Pixels and Polaroids was to blend these two elements into one world where pixelated characters live through the eye of a Polaroid camera,” writes Miller on his Behance Network profile. “My goal was to combine retro film photography and retro digital graphics into one interesting world, and you get to view this world and it’s inhabitants through these ‘photographs.'”

And from the looks of these images, this set of pixelated street ruffians have a panache for American Apparel (I mean, that one white and heather grey striped shirt looks awfully similarto this one).

Check out the images for yourself in the slideshow above and let us know what you think about them down below!

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