Paris Boutique colette Hosts Super Kawaii FriendsWithYou

Susie G
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After a successful temporary residency at downtown New York gallery The Hole, the cutesy, Harajuku-girl approved artworks from the Miami-based duo FriendsWithYou have set up their latest exhibit, entitled “In The Beginning,” at the trendy Parisian boutique colette, as seen in the picture above.

From now until September 24th, “In The Beginning” features a new set of colorful 2-D and 3-D creations from FWY, based around the recoccuring theme of the boy”a soft, simple, and cute spirit that is all powerful in the same moment.” The idea of the boy is to represent that there is an inner-child in each of us, which is easily invoked from the toy-like designs on display.

Simple in their form and yet somehow able to reveal a deeper, underlining context, these series of prints, bronze sculptures and “a menagerie of magical goodies” along with an animated video short, will sure to appeal to art-lovers of all ages.

Don’t forget to also visit the gift shop to pick up adorable, limited-run products exclusively from FriendsWithYou, including inflatable Malfi heads and Rainbow Mr. TTT bop bags. And if you don’t know what those are, then be sure you do your homework before checking out the exhibit in Paris by taking a browse on over at the FWY website.

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Photos from FriendsWithYou