Online Zine The Pop Manifesto Set to Release Issue No. 8

Susie G

Folks in the media industry say that print is dead. With just about everyone and their Mom owning a smart phone or a tablet PC these days, we’ve entered into a time where hard copies of magazines are becoming more and more of a novelty, let alone independent zines one might see at the local record store (which is also on the same path of extinction).

Now there are some smart kids out there, from Japan to Australia and from Germany to New York, that have decided to start their own mag rags but on the digital front. Ilirjana Alushaj and Karl Maier are just two of these like-minded smartypants who’ve started a trendsetting digital magazine with an equally rad record label by the same name.

The duo’s The Pop Manifesto is a quarterly “counterculture chronicle” that covers the areas of fashion, art, music and design. Thankfully, Alushaj and Maier are two Australians who are deeply immersed in the creative scenes, both in their native country and, with the help of Ilirjana being stationed on the other side of the Pacific, the never ever boring New York City.

Sharing their hidden gems of undiscovered personalities and musings, next Monday’s release of their eigth issue will sure be nothing less than radness-to-the-max. The newest Manifesto will feature interviews with How To Dress Well, Snarkitecture, Mandy Coon, Geoff Barrow (Portishead) and Puro Instinct.

The fact that you probably may or may not know who or what those things are should make you even more enticed to run to a computer near you come next Monday.

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