NZCA/LINES’ Debuts New Vid For ‘Okinawa Channels,’ We Swoon

Susie G

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that I am one big fan of London’s NZCA/LINES.

The one-man band makes great catchy, synth pop that’s both mellow and peppy at the same time. I don’t want to classify Michael Lovett‘s music as chillwave because of the occasional uptempo and polyrhythmic sounds he brings to songs. If anything, I’ll call it “borderline chillwave, synth pop.”

After watching the latest music video for the single “Okinawa Channels” (the same track that was performed in the world exclusive video we premiered the other month), hopefully you will agree with myself that Mr. Lovett should really change his name to Mr. Hottie McHotStuff.

I seriously can’t stop swooning over this guy while watching this video!

I think it’s due to the shadow-heavy lighting, and his mysterious lo-fi presence in the clip. Plus, his vocals aren’t too shabby either. He almost reminds me a bit of Interpol lead singer Paul Banks circa their music video for “PDA.”

Check out the video for “Okinawa Channels” down below, and tell me that you’re swooning for him too (or perhaps not) by leaving a few words in the comments section underneath.