Norman Bambi’s Quirky Sounds Spark Human-Robot Friendship


WeSC and The Standard put out a series of artistic shorts earlier this month, promoting some stylish merchandise. The series took us to Hollywood, New York, Downtown LA, but the Miami video, a film by the art collaborative FriendsWithYou, stuck out as the cutest, most charming of the bunch.

A blow-up robot wanders into the company of two gorgeous women, who seem to take to his bounciness quite well with smiles, kisses, hugs and pillow fights all around. It’s an intensely bizarre but utterly charming scene, and Norman Bambi‘s music with whirring, processed vocals and strange singing that seems to come from the blow-up robot fit the image perfectly.

Norman Bambi appears to be a somewhat obscure solo artist. He was one half of the Juicy Panic duo back in 2001 and since has been doing sound design (and apparently awesome music) for FriendsWithYou among other projects. His latest LP You Look So Good is out now on Cartilage Records, so if you’re as in love with the quirky sounds in the video as we are, you should definitely check it out.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath!

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