Nicola Formichetti Goes Disco For Jessica 6’s Latest Video


Take a Jessica 6 video, add singer Antony Hegarty of Antony & The Johnsons, make Nicola Formichetti your stylist, and what do you get?

A fashionable music video made out of 100% pure ferociousness.

Well, that’s what the latest music video for Jessica 6’s newest single “Prisoner of Love” seems to suggest. Off Jessica 6’s debut album See the Light, the track has a smooth, glamorous pulse filled out by a duo of Nomi Ruiz‘s breathy voice and Antony’s wooing vocals.

Bassist Andrew Rapasso and keyboardist Morgan Wiley accompany Ruiz in the beginning of the video, but she apparently deserts them for the more attractive Antony, who, with his long hair blowing, stares at us intensely as he confesses his romantic misfortunes. The pair, though seemingly mismatched, seem to work together brilliantly onscreen in a breezy red light.

The video is a visual masterpiece, all thanks to director Marco Ovando, uber stylist Nicola Formichetti and editor Richert Schnorr. Ruiz’s several outfits, which include dazzling displays of jewels and leather, are presented under exquisite lighting.

Check out the video below if you think you can handle all of the fierceness oozing out of the clip.

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