Nick Wooster Loves Tumblr, Japan & Camouflage For Fall 2012

Susie G

At last week’s PROJECT trade show in Las Vegas (which is one of the best trade shows in the fashion biz), we sat down with menswear maven Nick Wooster to talk about his second installment of PROJECT Wooster, discuss menswear trends for fall 2012 and find out where this Internet phenomenon finds his own style inspiration.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with PROJECT Wooster, it’s the name of an installation held within the PROJECT tradeshow, featuring brands hand-picked by Mr. Wooster himself. This time around, Nick Wooster focused on a few brands from Japan, which as a whole has become known for their attention to detail and seem to be the experts in making something old into something completely modern.

“It’s always been the most inspiring place for me, personally, that I’ve ever been,” says Nick. “And the Japanese culture is so immersed in the past and history, and learning from them both, and then taking ways of making it better.”

“We met Loopwheeler, which is a fleece brand, and what they did is they bought all the old Champion machinery. So you know, it’s things that we’ve abandoned but they’ve taken it and moved it forward in a different way. And the results, to me, are not old, they’re actually much more modern…”

One trend, or “theme” (a term that Nick would much rather use) throughout the most recent PROJECT Wooster pop-up installation was the use of prints on garments and accessories, specifically with camouflage.

“It goes around this idea of something that, you know, a print actually draws attention to itself. But the paradox of camouflage is that it’s actually designed to be something
to make you invisible…I think there’s a mixed media message where it can be old and new; it can be technical with classic tweeds mixed with gore-tex.”

Since Nick has become an expert in men’s styling (a Google image search has got the photos to prove this), we had to ask him what his go-to sources for style inspiration are. The former men’s fashion director at Neiman Marcus revealed to us that, “Tumblr is a huge inspiration” and that he loves the social media platform.

He also cited the usual media sources like magazines, newspapers and movies, as well as museums and the streets of New York City as sources of inspiration.

After checking out the rest of PROJECT Wooster, which also displayed a handful of special collaborations between the Wooster and select boutique brands, we’re already getting excited for his next installation at the Las Vegas trade show come this August.

We also have our fingers crossed that PROJECT will do something similar to PROJECT Wooster, except with a womenswear focus.

FYI to PROJECTwe think Miss @Bergdorfs would be an excellent curator. #JustSaying