Must-Watch Music Video Of The Week: ‘Oblivion’ By Grimes

Susie G

My Friday morning started off right thanks to the latest video from high-pitched indie crooner Grimes for her new single “Oblivion” via music blog Gorilla vs. Bear.

The Canadian chanteuse with the sweet rainbow-colored dip-dyed hair gives us a glimpse into what an episode of Alt Valley High might look like, as she hangs around stadiums and football fields filled with alpha-males, awkwardly singing to the camera with giant headphones on.

It’s great that most of the folks captured in the video aren’t in on the joke, which makes the clip that much more awesome.

To anyone who was a geek, nerd, dork, weirdo or the sort back in high school, you’re probably going to enjoy this video as much as we do.

BONUS: Enjoy this sweet animated GIF from the video!

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