Mulberry’s Alexa Bag Has A ‘Love Child’: The Travel Bag

Susie G

Attention Mulberry fans: The iconic British brand has launched a new handbag model, called the Travel Bag, which is an off-shoot of their best-selling Alexa Bag.

Deemed by the London Telegraph as a “love child”, the Travel Bag is a new series of handbags that are a renovated version of the Alexa Bag, taking inspiration from vintage steamer trunks.

For the most part, the bag looks almost exactly like an Alexa, just with a few edited details. Some of these details include a rectangular, branded tag on the top flap (as opposed to the usual oval-shaped lock), as well as metal plates in the corner and at the ends of the top handle.

The bag has already garnered a few celeb fans including Blake Lively, who has already been seen sporting around the Travel Day Bag in Mixed Animal Natural.

The Travel Bag range also includes the Travel Camera Bag, which, similar its big sis, is also an updated copy of the Alexa Camera Bag.

The price tags on these beauties range from 795-895 (about $1259.28-$1417.68) for the Travel Camera Bag, and 995-2250 (about $1576.08-$3564) for the Travel Bag.

If you’re already eager to buy one of these darlings now, you’ll have to wait till February 15th to get your mitts on onethat’s unless you’re Blake Lively.

[via The Telegraph]

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