MTV May Continue 90s TV Revival Trend With ‘Daria’

Susie G

With MTV announcing that it will be bringing back 90s hit TV shows like the cartoonish juvenile adventures of Beavis and Butt-head and late-night alternative rock show 120 Minutes in the last month, it looks like MTV execs are now hinting at a possible return of everyone’s favorite fictional pessimist, Ms. Daria Morgendorffer.

During a recent press tour, MTV President Van Toffler was asked about the likelihood of Daria to make a return to the cable network’s prime time line-up any time soon.

“‘Daria’ still airs on MTV2 and Logo now and it’s done quite well on both,” Toffler responded, according to HitFlix. “We’ve talked to the creators and there’s not as long-a-shot as you might think that ‘Daria’ might be back on one of our channels.”

As Toffler’s comment doesn’t totally deny nor confirm that the cartoon series will be back on the airwaves, it does however give us fans something to hope for. All we can do now is hopefully try and build some buzz around Daria to make the show relevant enough again that MTV execs will have no choice but to indeed bring her, Chuck, Trent, Brittany and so on all back.

Now, you might ask, “How can I create some buzz around one of my favorite TV shows?”

Well, for one thing, I recommend that you dress up as Daria or one of the other characters from the show like Quinn or Jane for Halloween, and post photos all over your social media accounts. Or if you’re in a band, write a song about Daria, then make a video, post it to YouTube and email, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr the bejoneses out of it!

Otherwise, you can always just hit the Facebook and Twitter share buttons at the top of this article to let your friends in on the cause (wink, wink).

Probably the only girl that could make a black field hockey skirt and a pair of combat boots an iconic fashion pairing, Daria was indeed an iconic female character of the late 90s “Girl Power” movement (thank you Spice Girls, Lillith Fair concerts and vegetarianism) and totally deserves a proper television comeback!

If Daria does end up making it back on the airwaves one day, I promise to end my burger-eating, cheese-loving ways for goodtake note of that MTV execs!