Moleskine Luggage Tags Make The Perfect Belated Holiday Gift

Susie G

Even though the holidays are over, there are probably a few people on your list you may have forgot about or totally skipped over (accidentally, of course).

Well, if you’re looking for a product that says “Happy belated holidays!”, and is just so awesome and rad that it makes up for the fact that you slacked off last month, take a page from Moleskine and gift your friend, co-worker, dentist, third cousin and the like one of these luggage tags from the Italian brand known for their iconic notebooks.

The luggage tags are available in four colors: Black, Cerulean Blue, Magenta and Lemon Green. At only $9.95 each, you can choose to either gift just one or all four luggage tags to your now-mandatory, newest BFF.

Perfect for friends who love to write (or those who like to rock the faux-intellectual vibe), gifting one of these Moleskine Luggage Tags is a definite no-brainer when it comes to belated holiday gift ideas!

[via Highsnobiety]