Model Sasha Owen-Longfellow Goes ‘It’ Blogger: Scene Shapers

Susie G

Model bloggersthey are a rare breed of self-documenters who are extremely good looking people that get paid to be extremely good looking (obvi, right?)

Meet Sasha Owen-Longfellow, a model blogger and “It” girl who is a part of this unique tribe of folks that share their experiences with the rest of the web world about their cut-throat jobs and glamorous shenanigans.

Through her blog, titled Sasha Owen-Longfellow (of course), Sasha blogs about her party escapades, her latest appearances in the blogosphere and provides extensive name-droppings when writing about her hang outs with some of the fashion industry’s coolest folks like Waris Ahluwalia, Rebecca Turnbow and Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter.

One thing that makes her posts on the blog so great is that she isn’t afraid to share juicy intimate details about her life to all the strangers out there in Internet land, which is a great reminder that models are humans too. Plus, she’s able to write about more than just the typical topics you’d expect a model to blog aboutclothes, designers, other models in the business and themselves (er, well maybe not so much that last one).

Since Sasha is able to express herself so entertainingly, this might be the reason why she was recently asked to be Seventh House’s newest blogger. She’ll be documenting all of their excellent events and giving fashion industry followers a glimpse inside one of New York’s innovative PR firms.

In addition to the Seventh House gig, she’ll also be contributing to a new article series for the Milk Studios blog, which, from what we’ve heard, will be quite a “yummy” read.

Even with her new extracurricular blogging activities, Sasha doesn’t plan on stopping her modeling career anytime soon. As long as she maintains that cute, goy putnam of hers, she’ll still be working the camera lens for a few years to come, which means more excellent photo shoot rantings on her blogsweet!

Photo by Nicky Digital

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