Model-Blogger Sasha Owen’s NYFW Party Diary: Candid Camera

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Model-Blogger Sasha Owen’s NYFW Party Diary: Candid Camera
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To say that model-slash-blogger-slash-“It”-girl Sasha Owen is an ordinary NYC denizen would be far, far from the truth.

Known for her super-blatant, tell-it-like-it-is ramblings on her personal blog aptly named Sasha Owen, we knew we could count on this blonde bombshell to end up in some crazy antics during this past New York Fashion Week.

No stranger to the fashion party circuit (she’s a model, you know), Sasha brought along a disposable film camera on her escapades, which included hitting up AnOther Magazine‘s New York Fashion Week party as well as heading to the college fraternity themed after-party for designer Alexander Wang. Looks like she also managed to bump into fellow “It”-girl and model Taylor Warren during her shenanigans out on the town.

There are a few other shots from the roll that almost cross the border into the realm of “TMI” and make us go “Oh, really?!” (For example, the shot of writer/scientist Joseph Turian who Sasha refers to as her “barber.”) But then again, all of this doesn’t really come as a surprise if you actually know Sasha.

She’s a little crazy, but a whole lot of good-looking — in other words, she’s a lethal combination of awesome.

To check out the snapshots our girl Sasha Owen caught on camera this past New York Fashion Week, click through the photos in the slideshow above!

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Our NYFW reporter: Sasha Owen

Photo by Yvan Rodic

"Imitation of Christ gold dress. It's never too early or late to wear a gown." -Sasha Owen

"Selena is on TBS tonight? Yes!" -S.O.

"Sephora by OPI gold nails in action." -S.O.

"Stainless steel." -S.O.

"No-name girl I woke up with." -S.O.

"My barber." -S.O.

"[Mazdack] Rassi can't tell if he's happy to be sitting next to me or not." -S.O.

"Denichaud, Emile." -S.O.

"Rassi's all, 'Get out of my face (hunter).'" -S.O.

"I made out with her." -S.O.

"Terry [Richardson] stole glowsticks from the Wang party -- girlfriend in patent leather. Undecided emotions towards patent leather." -S.O.

"Emile shaking it." -S.O.

"Alexander Wang playing a dance game on Playstation with what looks to be a mannequin" -S.O.

"Must not be very much fun playing with a mannequinÂ…" -S.O.

"Rassi -- beeeeer!" -S.O.

"'I'm wearing a hat! Yay!'" -S.O.

"Peter -- owner of Kanon Vodka if I'm not mistaken. Nice guy." -S.O.

"Yvan Rodic (a.k.a. the Facehunter) caught off guard." -S.O.

"Rave time Alex Wang!" -S.O.

"Jennifer Mc, Waris, and this girl from Canada. I forgot her name but I remember liking her." -S.O.

"Taylor Warren before I dragged her to Greenpoint to get boozed." -S.O.

"That security guard was way more excited than he seems, I swear." -S.O.

"Taylor behind the scenes at Milk Studios before a presentation which I forgot the name of." -S.O.

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