Meet Sebastian Professional Stylist Christina McCarver

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To be part of the Sebastian Professional Stylist Design Team, you have to be a true “artiste” in every sense of the word. Daring, provocative, edgy, innovative Sebastian Professional Stylists aren’t afraid to think outside of the box to create some of the most exciting and fearless hair styles out there today.

Atlanta-based Sebastian Professional Stylist Christina McCarver is no exception to the rule. As a freelance artist, Christina is constantly pushing her own creative and technical abilities to continually develop and grow her skills as a groundbreaking stylist.

This week, I got to chat with this Southern Belle to discover her favorite go-to products to fix any hair dilemma and which millionaire mogul she would love to style one day. To get the rest of the exclusive 411 on Christina, be sure to check out the full interview below!

Who are your favorite style icons and why?

I love Janelle Mone and Gwen Stefani because they have both created a staple look all their own. They are both quirky, beautiful and fearless.

Music that you are currently listening to?

This might sound crazy because they represent different kinds of music, but Dolly Parton and Outkast. I just saw Dolly perform in Los Angeles and being from Atlanta, Outkast is always good for me.

What book, magazines and/or blogs are you currently reading?

I’m not a huge book reader, but I’ve been pulling inspiration from my Alexander McQueen book that I got at the exhibit at The Met in NYC. For magazines, I LOVE Zink and Citizen K (and of course, People!)

Favorite Sebastian Professional product you love to use on your clients at the moment?

My favorite Sebasitian product that I love to use on all of my clients is Potion 9 because its foundational in creating a healthy and supple finish. Everyone NEEDS it.

Who or what inspired you to become a hair stylist?

The thing that inspired or captivated me to become a hairstylist is the fact that it is a craft. I always saw doing hair as an art, and was so intrigued by it and the people that did hairstyling. I love working with others, and the evolution of trends and people. I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world because I passionately love what I do.

What’s a common hair no-no that you hear clients talk about doing or see on people, and what’s a good alternative or solution?

Frizzy hair! A great solution to that is always starting with Potion 9 so the hair is moisturized, then layering with Liquid Gloss for a beautiful, shiny, frizz-free finish.

If you could style anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Elvis and Gwen Stefani. Both because they were such style icons and their hair is such a huge part of their image. I would also like to throw in Donald Trump because he needs help!

If you weren’t a stylist today, what would you be doing for a living instead?

I would want to be a freelance writer and travel the world writing about it.

In regards to hairstyles, what do you predict we will be seeing on the runways of the spring/summer 2012 shows this September?

I envision very, very shiny hair!

If your life was turned into a biopic, what would be the name of the movie, and who would you get to play you and why?

My movie would be called This is My Life? and I would choose Megan Fox because we look so much alike (totally kidding). I really don’t know who I choose for this role…I think I’d like to play myself!

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