McQueen at the Met Fans: Check Out V&A’s Postmodernism Show!

Susie G

To those of you who got to check out the Alexander McQueen exhibit that was held this past spring and summer at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and are already going through withdrawal from there not being any other major design shows happening at the moment, fear not my friendsthe Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the world’s premiere outpost dedicated to all things art and design, will be running a new exhibit this fall and winter titled Postmodernism: Style and Subversion 19701990.

The exhibit will shine the spotlight on some of the biggest artists that helped shape the style and design aesthetics of the visually-stimulating 70s and 80s. From Andy Warhol, to Grace Jones and even to Vivienne Westwood, Postmodernism will showcase the era’s biggest muses and their impact not only in the art and design worlds, but in the realm of music, street fashion and architecture.

For fellow design nerds like myself, I’m really excited to see that the works of my favorite artists like Jean-Paul Goude (the single artist behind Grace Jones’ influential aesthetic appeal), Robert Longo (known for his world famous “Men in the City” drawings, as seen in the cult classic film American Psycho) and even my favorite new wave band New Order will all be included in this amazing exhibit.

Postmodernism will be on at the Victoria & Albert Museum starting September 24th and run until January 15th of next year. Tickets are now available for purchase through the V&A’s website.

If I ever needed a good reason to head to London in the next few months, this would definitely be it! I just hope my boss is a fellow art-loving, design-obsessed geek like me…

And to give you a little taste of what you can expect to see at Postmodernism, check out the 1986 video for “Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order, directed by Robert Longo: