The Lytro Camera: The Coolest Mini Digital Camera on Earth

Susie G

If you haven’t started making your holiday wish list yet, may I suggest starting it off with the brand new Lytro light-field camera?

This compact digital camera allows you take pictures instantly at the touch of the button (I know, something totally different, right?), without having to worry about what subject to focus on in your shot.

The 4.4 x 1.6 inche camera comes in three models and can capture light from all angles, producing a 3D image where you can then later determine the focal point (what subject needs to be in focus in the final image). After the shot is taken, you can either use the touch screen on the camera or through software on your computer that comes with the camera set.

With the different focal point options, the Lytro camera is the perfect little gift for any street style photographer!

Unfortunately, Lytro is only taking orders from customers in the U.S. on their website and are looking to ship all the products out by early 2012, (which fortunately) gives you time to save up for the $399 price tag.

[via CNET]

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