Love ‘Twin Peaks’, Singing Pizza & Indie Rock? Watch This!


If you love Twin Peaks, snack foods that can sing la Californian Raisins and indie rock jams from all-girl groups, then you better wise up to Brooklyn duo Coasting.

Coasting is the perfect way to describe the duo’s approach to music. It’s a shoe-gazey, dream-pop sound put together by guitarist Madison Farmer and drummer Fiona Campbell, and it’s riding the Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls and Best Coast scene with nonchalant ease.

Coasting’s debut album You’re Never Going Back, which came out in October, soaks in reverb and simplicity; it has just enough groove to make our feet tap, but not enough to make us think like they actually care. And for this genre of tunes, that’s actually perfect.

Farmer and Cambell are stop-animation buddies in their latest video for “Portland. In superb awkwardness the video takes us through a whirl of space and fastfood (an authentic case of low-budget and tacky, which equals ironic). The choppiness of the animation is smoothed out by the track, and the music manages to knock some groove into the semi-lifeless dolls.

Check out the video for yourself down below, and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath!