Louis Vuitton Charms Us With A Brand New Animated Short

Susie G

Remember the last time you saw a Louis Vuitton animated short film?Exactly.

That’s why we were presently surprised to stumble upon this two-minutes and 40-seconds chunk of radness during our morning, daily troll of the Internet.

The short film was created by Christian Borstlap for the French luxury house in honor of the release of the elegant air balloon bag charm, which was inspired by the the iconic Monogram canvas created back in 1896.

Louis Vuitton has been creating bag charms for over ten years now, most of which have become instant collector’s items, plus not to mention super sweet pieces of designer eye candy.

In this short film, titled The Great Journey of Little Bagcharms, the camera follows the air ballon bag charm as it takes a scenic adventure through far-off, mystical worlds.

If this was a full-length feature, we’re sure it would be called something along the lines of The Little Louis That Could.

Featuring a track by one of our newest, favorite musical acts The D, the animated short is a must-watch for anyone who is a fan of the Vuitton name and their always stellar luxury goods.

Check out the film below and let us know what you think in the comments section underneath:

[via Think Contra]