Long Locks Get Glossy: Sebastian Professional’s Trickle Down

Susie G

I don’t know about you, but I for one like to let my hair grow during the cold, winter months. It’s like having extra insulation around your head to keep you warm!

But with the winter season, it’s easy for your hair to get a little dull and lifeless. With the help of Sebastian Professional and Lead Stylist Janine Jarman, you can make sure your long locks look super sleek and smooth even if it’s looking gloomy outside.

To get your hair into the state of sheer perfection (emphasis on sheer), try out the “Trickle Down” hairstyle, crafted by Janine with the help of Sebastian Professional’s Potion 9, Liquid Gloss gel, Shine Define spray and Shaper hairspray.

“Shine plays a crucial part in this straight, sexy style,” says Janine. “I set out to create a look that said ‘don’t mess with me, or my hair’.”

Check out the easy, step-by-step instructions below and get ready to put a little shine back into your strands!


1. Mix Sebastian Professional Potion 9 with a few drops of Liquid Gloss in palm and spread through damp hair, and blow-dry with a paddle brush.
2. Spritz Shine Define section by section and wrap curl on an 1″ curling iron, alternating
directions with each section. Roll each section and pin to head to cool.
3. Once cooled, brush out curls gently with a flat brush then attach a choppy faux fringe if desired.
4. Finish and set the look with Shaper.

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