Listen To The Rapture’s Brand New Album In Full, For Free!

Susie G

If you happen to be stuck on the Northeast coast like us StyleCaster folks here in New York, and getting totally gloomed out with today’s rainy weather, I may just have some good news for you to brighten up your Tuesday!

The much anticipated fourth album from New York-based, millennial new wave band The Rapture is now out today from DFA Records! Yahoo!

Do you want some even more good news?! You can listen to the brand new album in full, through DFA Records’ SoundCloud page.

I’ve already had a few, quick listens of the tracks included on In The Grace of Your Love, and definitely am digging the fresh new tunage from the Brooklyn trio! As compared with their last two releases, there is noticeably less screaming throughout the entire album, and is instead replaced with multiplied vocal arrangements and high-pitched crooning, which both suffice as smart substitutions to maintain the band’s signature soundthat being of a crazy uptempo smrgsbord of sounds, fronted by high energy screaming vocals.

Moving away from the synth-lead, dancey rock tunes that were so popular during the middle of the last decade among the legions of skinny-jeaned, American Apparel Deep V-neck sporting hipsters, The Rapture’s latest album reveals more of a subtle influence from surf rock songs in addition to a new trends toward guitar and percussion driven funk jams.

If you do end up liking what you hear from the band from the full stream, why not show how deep your love is for them by purchasing your own copy of The Rapture’s In The Grace of Your Love today?! We promise it will help you forget about the fact that it’s raining cats and dogs outside your window right now.