Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’: Buzz Cut (VIDEO)


The Brooklyn-based songstress Elizabeth Grant (a.k.a. Lana Del Rey) stirred up romance with most of the indie music scene with her EP Video Games, where the title track’s cinematic feel added an untapped power to indie songwriting.

Her musical stylings, which swells with strings and harps, allows us youngsters to believe there’s a profound, almost classical sophistication to our endeavors, all the while piercing us with dark eyes and a deep, majestic voice.

All this has surrounded Lana Del Rey’s debut LP, due out next year on Interscope, with more than enough hype. The title track off the upcoming album, Born to Die, was caught this week in a threesome with Grant and one lucky tattooed guy in patriotic embrace. The fact that in this 5-minute video Grant does not break her stare is nullified by the sheer beauty of her forward-looking gaze.

Check it out below: