Label Crush: Square Lust Scarves Aren’t Like Your Granny’s

Susie G
Label Crush: Square Lust Scarves Aren’t Like Your Granny’s
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Are you a collector of high quality silk scarves?

Do you also happen to be a fan of art and design?

Good news my fellow neck-flair-wearing commradesthanks to the genius designers behind Square Lust, you can now wear unique, limited edition silk scarves that feature avant-garde graphic designs.

Created by two talented designers, Square Lust sells an array of scarves for both men and women. All scarves are created on a rather small scale, and once a design is sold out, it’s sold out for good.

Looking at some of these neck adornments from far away, you might not see much into the design itself. Instead, you have to look real close at the scarf to see the little intricate designs and the amount of creative thought that goes behind each one of Square Lust’s products.

Available through select online retailers and in-store at only 3 boutiques worldwide, Square Lust is definitely a brand you’ll want to bookmark now before they’ll one day soon be carried at the likes of Barneys, Bergdorfs and so on.

Now who doesn’t want those kind of “I knew them before they were big” bragging rights?

Check out a few of our favorite designs in the slideshow above!