Janine Jarman’s 6 Cool Holiday Hair Tips For Curly Hair

Susie G

With New Year’s just around the corner, the holiday season isn’t quite over. Come the big day (or shall we say evening) on Saturday night, we know you’re going to want to look your best, and that goes for your hair too!

And for the girls with curly hair, don’t you worry! Sebastian Professional Design Team Stylist Janine Jarman has got your back this holiday season with 6 super helpful tips.

“Curly hair is actually the first hair type to look dull, since curly hair strands are quite flatter and don’t offer the round reflection straight hair does,” says Janine.

Read on below to get all the hair 411 so your curls can stay fab this weekend:

  • “Try Sebastian Professional Cellophanes! It’s a great way to add long-lasting shine without weighing down your hair. It also makes color look shinier and healthier.”
153689 1324601264 Janine Jarmans 6 Cool Holiday Hair Tips For Curly Hair
  • “Hands off! When drying curly hair, try to keep your hands out of it as much as possible. Use a diffuser to dry hair about 75% and air dry the last 25%. The less you touch it during the drying process, the less frizzy it will get.”
  • “You already have an advantage over straight hair because you come equipped with body and curl, embrace it! It always helps to detail naturally curly hair with a small barrel curling iron wrapping curls around the face.”
153688 1324601242 Janine Jarmans 6 Cool Holiday Hair Tips For Curly Hair
  • “Try styling a loose French braid in the front of your hairline, wrapping it to the back and finishing the end in a braid or coiling it up in a bun. Sebastian Professional Molding Mud is a great help to mold and hold the braid.”
153690 1324601418 Janine Jarmans 6 Cool Holiday Hair Tips For Curly Hair
  • “Pony ‘fro! Spray Sebastian Professional Shine Define hairspray around the entire hair line and, with a soft brush, slick hair up into a high pony atop of the head. Spritz Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity to hair for dry, light-weight hold and softly backcomb the pony to make it airy and large. Use 4-6 large hair pins to shape and secure for assured balance. I like this mix of finishes with a shiny base and matte top for holiday hair!”
153691 1324601782 Janine Jarmans 6 Cool Holiday Hair Tips For Curly Hair

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