Is 3-D Clothing The Next Big Thing For Fashion?

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Is 3-D Clothing The Next Big Thing For Fashion?
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With 3-D technology seeming to be a popular trend over the last two years or so in the realm of arts & entertainment, from movies to digital camera technology, I guess it was just only a matter of time for the fashion industry to jump on the 3-D bandwagon.

Thanks to Taipei-based designer Tri Nouio and his label NOUMENON, this recent graduate of Shih Chien University has combined 3-D technology with fabrics that have been imprinted with images of nature. According to the designer’s website, the thinking behind the collection is based on “…the familiarity of nature with new technology and is intended as an ironic statement that modern technology cannot protect nature.”

In addition, the website also mentions that the collection “…is intended to be a distraction from the human form”, when worn with 3-D glasses (obviously).

The graphics on the garments look to be interesting and yet still flattering on all body types, with or without the 3-D glasses.

Check out some of our favorite pieces from the Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook in the slideshow above, and let us know if you’d dare to sport these duds come next season in the comments section below!

[via Trendland]

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