How To Turn Your Old Magazine Covers Into Some DIY Art

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How To Turn Your Old Magazine Covers Into Some DIY Art
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If you’re a magazine-collecting fiend like myself, then you probably have a corner (or two) of your bedroom dedicated to old fashion magazine issues.

I always feel bad about throwing these sources of inspiration out in the trash can, because you never know when you might need to use them as a style reference, or when you’re in the mood to do some random collaging if you’re feeling crafty.

Thankfully, London-based artist Hattie Stewart has come up with a great way to put your old magazines to good use.

Hattie Stewart’s love for glossy magazines has inspired the illustrator to impose cheeky and fun doodles on the covers of publications that all seem to put the same kind of folks, with the same kind of shots, right on the front.

“…Why are these magazines doing the same thing?,” asks Hattie. “We only doodle over things when we are bored, so maybe I’m bored with the insane amount of magazines lacking in experimentation when there is so much more fun to be had.”

When deciding what magazine covers to doodle on, she tends to use issues that are already in her possession, but once in a while might see a magazine on the newsstand that she just needs to “scrawl over.”

“Sometimes I think one cover will work out well and it doesn’t reach my expectations, and the ones I think won’t, do! The covers which are most fun for me are the busier covers, not just a simple portrait. The more I get to do though, the better!”

If you’re looking to take a stab at recycling magazine covers from your own hoard of fashion rags to try to create some of your own artwork, Hattie suggests using posca pens, which she personally uses to create her super rad doodles.

To see more of Hattie’s doodles and illustrations, be sure to head on over to her blog.

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