The Horrors Ditch Goth Punk For 60s Psychedelic Shoegaze


The Horrors emerged on NME‘s cover back in 2006 as more of an image than a band. Without even an EP yet released, it seems their stylish hair was enough to propel them into fame.

But even if some of us doubted the merit of the band’s success, their trio of solid albums quickly shut us up. And we can’t even mock their tight, leather outfits anymore; they did so themselves, appearing in British television comedy The Mighty Boosh as a band who select singers based on their ability to fit into ridiculously tight jeans.

With their latest album Skying hitting number 5 on the UK’s chart, there’s no doubt that the cover boys hold something special.

The album, which came out last July, breathes a certain 60s psychedelic shoegaze mixed with dreamy 80s Britpop. No one was surprised when The Horrors told NME that the album was inspired by “taking loads of pills,” and judging from the video for the latest single off Skying, “I Can See Through You,” they haven’t quite given up the habit.

Swirling mists of color fill the widescreen as Faris Badwan, the band’s lead singer, slowly emerges with a penetrating stare (that really does seem to look right through us). It’s a distorted compound of dreamy synths and interesting harmonies you don’t want to miss.

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