Hide Your Condoms In These Dr. Seuss’ ‘The Lorax’ Sneakers

Susie G
160530 1330637063 Hide Your Condoms In These Dr. Seuss The Lorax Sneakers

In honor of the new The Lorax film that’s coming to a theater near you tomorrow, why not show your love for all things Dr. Seuss by rocking a pair of these cute, springtime-appropriate sneakers from Converse?

These low-top All Star canvas kicks feature candy-colored Lorax printed doodles against a pastel blue background.

Prints and pastels? Now, that’s a way to kill two spring 2012 trends with one stone without breaking the bank.

Not only are these sneaks great for a walk in a Truffula tree-filled forest, but they can also double as a hiding place for your condoms so you don’t have to worry about them falling out of your pockets, like what happened to Zac Efron on the red carpet for the premiere of The Lorax last week.

Whether it’s one condom, two condoms, a blue condom or a red condom, these sneaks can hold them all!